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VRS offers services for industrial, residential or any business seeking metal fabrication.  VRS Metal Fabrication produces quality custom work in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  With over 40 years of welding experience in MIG, TIG, and gas, VRS can handle the job.  Regardless of if the project is big or small, the quality of work VRS can offer will have you satisfied and pleased by choosing VRS Metal Fabrication.  No job is ever too small, and there is no minimum here at VRS.Click on Gallery for images of VRS Metal Fabrication's work

Whether you need a custom piece made or rather just need a piece of equipment fixed, VRS is the right choice for you.  The quality of work is of highest standards and we will work with you to get the expected outcome you want.  Metal fabrication is our expertise, and regardless of the fabrication you need, VRS will leave you with a finished project that meets your expectations!

  • Custom fabrication for residential purpose:
    • Frames, Guards, Welding Repairs, Bases, Hand Rail, Ornamental, Tables

  • Custom fabrication for industrial or business:
    • ​​Electrical Boxes, Machinery Repair, Frames, Guards, Repair Work, Guard Rail, Hand Rail, Burglary Bars, Security Bars

  • Custom fabrication for vehicles and trailers:
    •  Trailer Repair, Hot-Rod Fabrication

  • Quick fixes and repairs for residential or business


Metal Fabrication And Welding in Hayward

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VRS Metal Fabrication in Hayward

metal fabrication and welding in Hayward

VRS Metal Fabrication fabrication/custom fabrication and welding

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Metal Fabrication And Welding in Hayward